Rachael prides herself on providing a first rate service to all her clients and many have been working with her for a number of years.  She is regularly recommended by family, friends and health professionals.
“I contacted Rachael when feeling guilty about my lack of exercise and wanted to find someone who could help me in a way that ensured I kept up with a routine (unlike my hundred attempts at joining a gym) , was able
“I went to Rachael with a target of primarily losing weight and gaining some muscle definition.  Not only did Rachael bring the technical expertise but also managed to keep me motivated which flowed though into all aspects of my life and business.”  Lee Gorton, Cambridge
“Trust is paramount and in Rachael I have found a physio who I have complete confidence in.  I came to Rachael having failed to resolve a reoccurring back injury.  Despite several misdiagnoses from previous therapists, Rachael was able to successfully identify the issue during the initial visit and prescribe a tailored program of rehabilitation.  Rachael has been an attentive listener, explained concepts simply and displayed a reassuring level of knowledge.  As such, I won’t hesitate to make the 85 mile round trip to visit Rachael for any future injuries (heaven forbid!).” Matt Dumenil, London
to develop an exercise regime that suited me and who was approachable and make exercise fun.  I also needed someone who could help me when bits of my body fell apart or needed attention.  All of these criteria and more have been satisfied and I would recommend Rachael to anyone – she is the best!  I have kept up with my exercise, I feel better and I enjoy my bi-weekly visits to her gym.  Thank you.”  Ludo Chapman, Cambridge
“Done it! Before I came to see you I thought s… that’s it over. Thank you, you got me repaired and I have been able to complete my first marathon (3.38). :) :) :)” Iain Johnston, Cambridge
“If you are already fit and would like to take it to the next level, or if you have never engaged in exercise and feel you would like to try,  then Rachael is invaluable with her level of understanding of what the body can do, when and how.  She has an extensive knowledge of physiology and will enable you to understand better how your own body works and how to achieve your goal.  Rachael motivates, understands and enables you to achieve – what more could you ask?”  Annette Bartlett, Huntingdon
“3:58:45 at Abbingdon.  Thanks for your part in getting me there!” David Hills, Cambridge