Q & As
Can I have a one off session or do I need to book a set of 10?
o    Whilst I offer a discount when booking a series of sessions, I am more than happy to see people on a one-off basis.  
Do you only work with athletes?
o    No, I work with clients from all backgrounds.  
Do I need to join a gym to train with you?
o    No, I am not affiliated with any gym.  I have a private gym
    from which I train clients.
Can I receive physiotherapy treatment at home if I am not
able to get to you?
    o    Yes.
Are you registered with any health insurance provider?
o    Yes, I am registered with Norwich Union.
Do I need to be referred by my doctor?
o    No, I do not need you to be referred by your GP.  I would however recommend your GP is notified of any training programme or physiotherapy treatment received.
Do I need to pay for a session if I cancel it?
o    Any session cancelled with less than 24 hours notice is, in the absence of exceptional circumstances, payable.  I will advise at the time of canceling.
                                        How many sessions or treatments will I need?
                                        o   This depends on your goals or treatment needs and I’ll        
                                             be happy to discuss your particular circumstances with
                                             you.  Some physiotherapy treatments, for example, will
                                             only need one session, whilst others will need a series.
                                        What does DFYK stand for?
                                        o   Don’t forget your kit...and you’ll be surprised
                                             by how many clients do!
If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.